Harnessing the Value of AI In Customer Engagement

05.17.23   |  

Gregg Fisher, The Stem’s Founder and Managing Partner, recently had the chance to interview both clients and practitioners on the state of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning as it applies to customer engagement in BioPharma. Ganes Kesari, one of The Stem’s thought leaders on AI/ML, joined in the conversations.

We identified 4 promising use cases for AI/ML in customer engagement, and 4 critical success factors for execution, and captured these learnings in this article which was recently published in Pharmaceutical Executive. Special thanks to Tom Gaschler and  Eduardo Cornejo for contributing.

Read the article on PharmaExec

Harnessing the Value of AI In Customer Engagement - Use Cases Harnessing the Value of AI In Customer Engagement - Critical Success Factors



Gregg Fisher, Managing Partner, gfisher@thestem.com, The Stem

Ganes Kesari, Chief Decision Scientist, Innovation Titan; Consultant, The Stem

Category: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Featured blog post, Global Customer Engagement, Patient Engagement & Support, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Tags: AI in healthcare, customer engagement, digital transformation, pateint engagement

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