‘The Stem’, growth and innovation accelerator, launches to improve customer engagement In Health Care

The Stem, a growth and innovation accelerator, is launching today to help leading Health brands harness the power of data and emerging technologies to improve the relevance and impact of their engagement with customers in a rapidly evolving marketing environment.

The firm was founded by Gregg Fisher, formerly Managing Director at DigitasLBi’s global Health division, a thought leader with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, technology and Health.

“We are still in the early innings of a shift to data-driven cross-channel customer engagement fueled by a convergence of customer, regulatory and technology trends. Health brands who successfully navigate the shift will be tomorrow’s winners, and getting there quickly requires strong, seasoned and nimble strategic partners with specialized skills”, says Fisher.

At launch, The Stem will concentrate on providing strategic and measurement services in the areas of Data-driven Marketing Strategy, Continuous Improvement and Digital Innovation.

Additionally, the firm will offer clients Program Leadership services to guide complex cross-channel implementation across their existing partners or via a “collaborative delivery model” which draws on the The Stems’ relationships with numerous best-in-class creative, fulfillment, media and technology partners.

“Our Program Leadership services help clients round out their teams with seasoned program managers to accelerate time to market and reduce implementation risk. Our collaborative delivery model let’s clients flexibly assemble the right partners and skills based on the initiative”, says Fisher.

In the area of Continuous Improvement, The Stem will offer an end-to-end solution focused on helping brands gain control over marketing data.

“Combining consulting, a managed service and proprietary software called StemData, we will help Health brands measure the right things, improve report quality, understand business impact and reduce manual effort”, Fisher explained.

StemData is a unique platform that aggregates and analyzes disparate data streams to track, benchmark and optimize a brand’s performance. These include sales figures, display, search, web site, social media, mobile, & offline metrics specific to a brand and its competitors. Because it’s impossible to understand how a brand is performing when data streams are viewed independently, StemData combines and analyzes complete data sets to help companies view and act on the full picture.

Gregg Fisher

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