Case Studies

Digitizing a patient
support service


  • Vice president of US-based rare disease patient support program


  • Patient support program in place provided high levels of personal support in drug reimbursement, but support was limited to the phone channel
  • The client team sought to re-imagine the services as a digitally augmented service providing enhanced multi-channel support


  • Interviewed case management staff and reviewed market research to capture voice of patient and understand service “moments of truth”
  • Rapidly created customer experience vision and strategy through a series of four workshops
  • Workshops prioritized objectives, prioritized moments of truth and service needs, identified and prioritized service features and formulate a vendor selection approach
  • Envisioned next generation service that integrated email and texts to complement phone channel and expanded service offering beyond reimbursement to other needs like product training and emotional support


  • Engagement completed in less than 10 weeks
  • Recommendations approved by client
  • New “digitized” service was launched integrating initial phase of features

Behind the scenes

This engagement required a blend of service design skills and expertise in patient engagement and support programs. Our Stem lead was:

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