Case Studies

Upgrading the brand
planning process


  • Commercial Excellence lead for mid-tier pharmaceutical company


  • Ad hoc approach to multi-channel customer engagement strategy, with little integration with traditional brand planning process
  • Commercial excellence interested in augmenting brand planning process and up-skilling brand teams to better integrate customer engagement planning


  • Analyzed existing brand planning process and tools
  • Defined customer engagement strategy process as an adjunct to the traditional brand process
  • Outlined process steps, inputs, outputs and annual planning calendar
  • Developed prototypical sample deliverables and accompanying training modules around goal-setting and measurement planning; along with audience profiling and channel selection


  • Helped client to take a major leap forward in the sophistication of their annual planning by integrating customer engagement decision making with traditional brand strategy decisions
  • Process changes also led to higher quality and more harmonized cross-channel experiences at the global and affiliate levels

Behind the scenes

This engagement required a blend of multichannel strategy and data analytics skills along with familiarity with both United States and European data regulations. Our Stem leads were:

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