Case Studies

Actionable intelligence
from multi-channel data


  • Digital lead for leader in the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis


  • Brand teams were receiving disparate multi-channel measurement reports from multiple suppliers but complained that data was not actionable
  • Teams wanted to better understand how to use data to assess program impact, optimize investments and strengthen business performance


  • Assessed client maturity using a customized framework that looked at strategic use of data to measure channels, content, customer relationships and impact as well as underlying capabilities in terms of people, process and tools
  • Conducted assessment with global team and three affiliates, with cross functional participation from marketing, information services, commercial operations, market research and patient support
  • Identified and prioritized opportunities to strengthen measurement and strategic use of data using aggregate and customer or center-level data
  • Defined strategic and operational “shifts” required to realize each opportunity
  • Defined reports required to make data “actionable”. For each report, identified business question, audience, data required to answer business questions and data sources.
  • Examples of business questions prioritized were: What content are individual HCPs or centers consuming and What feedback are they giving? How has the level of engagement with a particular HCP changes over time? What is the next best action a KAM should take based on a customers’ activities across channels?
  • Developed visualizations of top priority reports and prioritized identified reports into road map for implementation


  • Provided client with a clear and tangible vision for evolving digital marketing from siloed tactics to an integrated cross-channel approach that ties data from multiple source to strategic decisions and actions

Behind the scenes

This engagement required a blend of multichannel strategy and data analytics skills along with familiarity with both United States and European data regulations. Our Stem leads were:

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