Case Studies

Converting patient insights
into competitive advantage


  • US and Global Marketing teams at biotechnology firm marketing an orphan treatment for a rare disease


  • A year after FDA approval, the brand was seeing unexpected slowdown in uptake and adherence issues, despite an improved formulation and a clear advantage for patient quality of life over the standard of care.
  • Client needed to better understand the patient experience, especially the drivers of non-compliance to therapy.


  • Led a comprehensive patient insight project designed to uncover unmet needs, issues and barriers relating to living with the disease
  • Methodology involved a combination of in-home visits and mobile blogging to capture in-depth insights
  • Delivered patient and caregiver profiles that portray “life in trenches”, including burden of disease, patient-caregiver dynamic and treatment experiences
  • Developed a framework for understanding the transitions people experience across patient journey
  • Uncovered opportunities to engage patients and caregivers through new or improved programs, services and communications


  • Provided and compelling case for revamped communications design to address the problems confronting patient and caregivers
  • Forged tight relationships with patient advocacy organizations
  • Program was successfully replicated across 7 European markets
  • Ethnography
  • Rare disease
  • Patient journey
  • Patient support

Behind the scenes

This project required a blend of patient research skills, the ability to lead research in multiple markets and knowledge of rare disease patient support best practices. Our Stem leads were:

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