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Gain Control Over Marketing Data

Beyond Data to Continuous Improvement
A Measurement Effectiveness Solution.

There’s a lot of talk of “Big Data” but many Health brands feel awash in data but starved for insight. By combining multi-channel measurement expertise, industry benchmarks and our proprietary software — StemData — we help brands measure the right things, improve report quality, understand business impact and reduce manual effort.

StemData is a unique platform that aggregates and analyzes disparate data streams to track, benchmark and optimize a brand’s performance. These include sales figures, display, search, web site, social media, mobile, & offline metrics specific to a brand and its competitors. Because it’s impossible to understand how a brand is performing when data streams are viewed independently, StemData combines and analyzes complete data sets to help companies view and act on the full picture. Stem Data, together with our end-to-end measurement consulting services, we provides a complete continuous improvement solution.