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01.09.15   |   Insights & Analytics

The Stem recently launched a data automation service built on a proprietary technology called Stem Data. What is data automation any way? Data automation technologies help marketers remove the drudgery associated with compiling and reporting on multi-channel digital marketing programs. So, they can focus their energies where it belongs: on analysis and improvement.

Consider the current experience of most Health or Life Sciences digital marketers. Data is stored and reported in “siloes” – one for Web data, another for email data, another for tablet data, another search data, another for display data, several for hosted content data. The list goes on, but you get the point.

This data is evaluated in siloes too, typically by different entities, each responsible for a different slice of the story. Think digital agency, search agency, media agency publishers. To get the data out of the siloes into a meaningful cross channel view takes a great deal of time and manual effort. That may work for small programs. But it quickly becomes unviable at enterprise scale.

Consequently, some marketers lack meaningful cross-channel evaluation of their programs and others struggle with the slow reporting cycle times associated with manual processes.

Data automation tools like StemData solve the problem of “data siloes” by automating the ingestion of data. What used to take weeks, now takes seconds. StemData, for example, ingests data from over 50+ digital channels.

One final thought: data automation makes data compilation and cross-channel reporting faster. But that’s only part of its value. The real of value of data automation lies in accelerated decision-making and optimization.

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