Converting patient insight into competitive advantage

How can a rare disease company differentiate through patient insight?

The Stem was retained by a biotechnology firm to provide immersive insights and strategic advice to shape a digital patient support and disease management program for a disease affecting only a few thousand patients globally. Since the client offered the only innovative medicine in its category and the lifetime value of each patient was millions of dollars, patient support and retention was their top strategic priority.

To support the effort, Stem led in-depth patient ethnographies in the United States and in Europe. We used a combination of face-to-face interviews and online journaling technology to capture insights on the patient and caregiver disease journey across life stages – from birth to death.

Our work resulted in robust patient profiles, patient journey diagrams and opportunity maps highlighting engagement opportunities at different moments in the journey. We then partnered with the client to convert these insights into a strategy to design a patient support program. We conceived and prioritized innovative service features and concepts and then partnered with the client to oversee execution.

Relevant services

  • Customer research
  • Patient ethnography
  • Patient support strategy
  • Service innovation
  • Innovation planning