Why now?

A new partner for a new environment

A shifting landscape
These days the only constant in Healthcare is change.From life sciences, to consumer health brands to providers and payers, the industry is undergoing seismic change driven by multiple forces including disruptive technology, competitive pressures and regulation.

Customers provide the map
A constant theme in this environment is the rise of customer power. Your customers – be they consumers, patients, providers are payers be they consumers, patients, or health care providers – are more than ever in control over the health choices they make and the health information they consume.

Today, sustained growth requires integrating customers throughout a brand’s strategy and engaging customers with relevant and valuable experiences across channels and over time.

Making things happen
But making this happen comes with a host of strategic, operational and technical challenges for traditionally product-and-sales centric organizations. Conquering these challenges requires a new type of partner – a customer engagement specialist – with a blend of skills at the intersection of strategy, data, customer experience and technology.

Leaders in customer engagement
The Stem consultants are some of the best minds in customer engagement and Health care.We are strategy, experience, analytics and research specialists with a twenty-year track record of delivering results. We’re passionate about helping our clients improve the quality and eŒectiveness of their customer interactions.
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Gregg Fisher is Founder and Managing Partner at The Stem,with over twenty years at the intersection of strategy,marketing and technology.See Gregg’s bio +

Consumer engagement = profits
79% of Pharmaceutical execs see mastering multi-channel marketing as a strategic priority. Source: Accenture, 2013