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Pharma’s Struggle to Recruit Online KOLs

Originally published in FiercePharma Influencing the influencers is getting tougher these days, now that pharma opinion leaders aren’t just the top doctors in their...
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Key Pharma Marketing Priorities for 2017

The February issue of Med Ad News contains a special feature: “Agenda 2017 – Growing Up“.  In this feature Med Ad News posed what...
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Pharma Marketing Requires a Global Approach

Originally published at PharmaPhorum   Pharma is missing opportunities to maximise the benefits of applying a digital approach on a global scale, says Gregg Fisher....
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Strategies for Making a Successful Pharma App

Originally published in FiercePharma The Stem CEO Gregg Fisher offers these questions and tips for pharma companies when developing patient-facing apps.   All apps...
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The Stem Featured in Fast Company Spotlight on the Gig Economy

Originally published on The gig economy has been on the rise for several years, and many reports point to a continued trend in...
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Three Promising Strategies to Leverage Real-Time Digital Data to Improve Patient Marketing

As featured in PharmaLive, and referenced in Fierce Pharma The smartest marketers know that marketing in a digital age should not feel like marketing at...
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Stem CEO & Founder Gregg Fisher named to 2016 PharmaVoice 100

Originally published on With his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in pharma and in digital, Gregg Fisher is driving changes in how...
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How The Gig Economy Is Impacting The Life Sciences Industry

Originally published on It’s true that much has been written about the Gig Economy. From discussing whether it’s better for boomers than millennials to how...
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The Role of Life Sciences Global Teams Evolves in a Digital World

Originally Published in MedAdNews – June 2016 There’s much being written about how the digital world has impacted life sciences. However, maximizing that impact globally...
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3 Ways Life Sciences Brand Managers Can Tame Multichannel Delivery Chaos

Originally Published on PM360 Online In today’s industry, life sciences brand managers are expected to take on so many different roles that excelling in...
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7 Questions That Could Drive Success Or Failure With Your Patient App

Originally published in MediaPost. Pharmaceutical patient apps hold great promise for a brand across the patient journey, from supporting a dialog with physicians to setting...
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7 Practical Resolutions For Healthy Customer Engagement In 2016

As seen in MediaPost If you’ve had your fill of “future of marketing” prognostications, here’s a no-nonsense checklist to reflect on the health of...
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Big Data and the New World

The Stem was recently featured in an expert roundtable discussion on Big Data in Health care. Read the article here
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Becoming patient-centric – The case for a humanistic approach to patient insight-mining

As published in DTC Perspectives “We must deepen a case history to a narrative or tale; only then do we have a ‘who’ as...
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Five Obstacles to Digital Measurement, And What To Do About Them

In the age of Big Data, the measurability of digital interactions takes front stage. We are lured by the promise that all touch-points are...
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Why 87% of Life Sciences Marketers are Dissatisfied with Digital and What to do About It

As published in PM360 Here’s a sobering number. A recent survey measuring pharma multichannel maturity finds that only 13% of life sciences marketers globally...
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The case for networked consulting

As published in PM360 Nearly all life sciences companies are in the midst of so-called “digital transformations” aimed at re-wiring how they operate to...
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What Life Sciences Marketers Can Learn From Hollywood About Buying Consulting And Agency Services

As published in Media Post: Recently, The New York Times published an article headlined, “What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work.”...
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Data automation – measurement at scale

The Stem recently launched a data automation service built on a proprietary technology called Stem Data. What is data automation any way? Data automation...
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Rethinking Global marketing teams in a digital age

Our experience suggests many Pharmaceutical companies are missing opportunities to increase the return on their digital investments as a result of how they plan...
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Promise or peril: the future of promotional medical education

Promotional medical education has for decades been a fixture of pharmaceutical marketing. In it”s “traditional” form, sales reps from a drug company invite physicians...
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Grow horizontally

In manufacturing categories as diverse as apparel, food electronics and automotive, digital technologies we have begun to see innovative brands use digital technology to...
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‘The Stem’, growth and innovation accelerator, launches to improve customer engagement In Health Care

The Stem, a growth and innovation accelerator, is launching today to help leading Health brands harness the power of data and emerging technologies to...
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